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As with the Marine sector, we also provide technical solutions to oil and gas companies and work with some of the largest operators and mobile offshore unit owners in the world. We understand that oil and gas companies can find themselves tied up with deadlines from the bidding process quickly approaching and sometimes a helping hand is needed to get the job done in time. We will face these challenges together untill completion. To a great extend we provide continued Marine Consultancy, Marine Warranty and Assurance services to the Offshore and Energy Sector.


O F F S H O R E  A N D  O N S H O R E  E N E R G Y  S O L U T I O N S


Damage Survey


Similar to ship surveys, we also attend on behalf of owners and underwriters alike in offshore facilities. In the images below, a vessel has struck the platform's flare, and P&A were called in to survey the damages 


Offshore Decommissioning & Cesation


The beginning of oil and natural gas production in Brazil occurred in the 1940s for land-based fields and in the late 1960s for offshore fields. Some of these production facilities have been in operation for more than 70 years. Naturally, as these structures become obsolete and economically impracticable, they will begin to be decommissioned.


Currently, the decommissioning of facilities can be considered as a major challenge for the oil and natural gas production industry. The need to adapt to regulations, expand technical capacities and develop the service chain with specific solutions for decommissioning are relevant issues.


There are certain steps in decommissioning which are vital to the operation and which are very familiar to us. We are able to assist in the following stages of the decommissioning project:


  • project management
  • engineering and planning;
  • permitting and regulatory compliance;
  • platform preparation;
  • well plugging and abandonment;
  • conductor removal;
  • mobilization and demobilization of derrick barges;
  • platform removal;
  • pipeline and power cable decommissioning;
  • materials disposal; and
  • site clearance.


Rig Moving, Load Out and
Mooring Approval Operations


Loadout is referred to the operation of transferring a Cargo or a Structure from the place of fabrication to a sea-borne vessel, to be further transported on the vessel to the final destination. The Cargo or Structure can be as varied as a jacket, plant modules, steel structures, trusses or building structures, or even pipes etc. The place of fabrication can be a Yard, or a storage facility with access to sea. The vessel used can be a ship or a barge, depending on the demands of the transportation operation.


  • Installation Analysis
  • Loud out
  • Lashing
  • Overboarding
  • Lowering
  • Positioning/ Mooring


Marine Warranty Surveys (MWS)


We understand how mitigating loss and minimizing risk is crucial in an operation to both Insurers and Owners alike. Therefore, we have a team of experts ready to assist in your next big project. From oversight by our team of engineers to field verification to execution of the project we are ready to act on a moment’s notice. We provide marine warranty services for complex operations associated with construction, transportation and installation of all types of structures, with some of them as listed below:


  • Steel jackets
  • Monopiles
  • Gravity based foundation
  • Wind turbine generators
  • Concrete structures
  • Mobile offshore units
  • Floating production facilities
  • Pipelines and subsea equipment
  • HVDC converter platforms
  • Substations
  • Inter array and export subsea power cables




  • Marine Operations Support
  • Vessel Inspections Support
  • Risk, Safety & Environment 
  • Offshore Engineering Consultancy
  • Certified Auditors - Flag Inspections and Independent Survey and Inspections